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Lab Floor Plan (with list of materials)

Detailed Lab Task Descriptions

General microbiology protocols

Media Recipes

Reagent Recipes

Working with Antibiotics

Freezing -80 Stocks

Freezing Aliquots

Competition Assays

Generic PCR

Gradient PCR

Running DNA Gels

Running SDS-PAGE Gels

Western Blot

Protein Purification

Protein Sample Concentration

Fixing Cells for Microscope/Flow Cytometry Work

Cloning and gene manipulation

Commonly Used Plasmids

Plasmid Purification

Digest and Ligation

Gel Purification

Creating Competent E. coli Cells


Transformation — non-competent E. coli

Gibson Assembly

SOE PCR (Splicing by Overlap-Extension)

Qubit dsDNA Broad Range Assay

Preparing Sanger Sequencing (Eurofins)

Preparing Plasmid Sequencing (plasmidsaurus)

Creating Lac- E. coli Mutants

Streptococcus pneumoniae protocols

Dual Layer Assays

Streptococcus DNA Extraction - Genome Prep

Streptococcus CRISPR-Cas9 Editing

Streptococcus Transformation

Streptococcus Growth Curve Protocol

Streptococcus Growth Curve and Cell Count in Liquid Media

Log Phase Growth Curve and Cell Count in Liquid Media

Streptococcus Bacteriocin (Dual Layer) Assays - Original

Streptococcus Bacteriocin (Dual Layer) Assays - Early Producer

Streptococcus Bacteriocin (Dual Layer) Assays - Light and Normal Target Lawns

Streptococcus Bacteriocin (Dual Layer) Assays - Finding Producer-Resistant Target Bacteria

Streptococcus Bacteriocin (Dual Layer) Assays - Finding Producer-Resistant Target Bacteria (6-well plate version)

Streptococcus mutans protocols

Streptococcus mutans Growth

Streptococcus mutans Transformation

Myxococcus xanthus protocols

Media Protocols

Culture Cells from a Frozen Stock

Making a Broth Culture from an Agar Plate

Generating Frozen Stocks of Strains

Measure Absorbance of M. xanthus Culture

Generate St Curve for OD600 to Cells/mL conversion

Development Assay on Agarose Plates

Rehydrating New Primers

PCR Amplification from Genome

Ligation of PCR product into TOPO 2.1 vector

Transform competent E. coli cells

Colony PCR to confirm correct insert

Plasmid Isolation with BioBasic Miniprep Kit

EcoRI digest of plasmid

Plate Colonies Using CTTSA

Electroporation and Plating of M. xanthus transformants

M. xanthus genomic DNA extraction with Zymo (yellow) kit

Image Analysis in Fiji

Prepping a Submerged Culture

Phage protocols

Media and Passaging

Plaque Assays with Soft Agar

Serial Dilutions of Phage

Calculating Virus Titre

Interactions Protocols

Zone of Inhibition Assay

Remote Molecular Biology

Effect of Laboratory Protocols on Student Learning

Interesting Podcasts to Listen to When Doing Lab Work!

  • This Week in Microbiology
    • By Vincent Racaniello
    • 5 stars! Amazing podcast to learn all about different types of microbiology research! This podcast goes pretty in depth into different current scientific papers so it is a great way to learn about current research.
  • This Week in Virology
    • By Vincent Racaniello
  • Ologies
    • By Alie Ward
    • 5 stars! Great all around podcast made for a more general audience. There are many different episodes on scientific topics including Environmental Microbiology, Mathematical Biology, and much much more. This is a great podcast to explore different careers and listen to some amazing speakers.
  • Overheard at National Geographic
    • By National Geographic
    • 4 stars! Great podcast to hear about the many wonders of the world. It also has shorter episodes and is a great way to learn about the world.
  • Journey to the Micro Cosmos
    • 3 stars! Short 10 minute episodes about cool microbes.

Waste Disposal

Streptococcus suis protocols

Streptococcus suis Transformation

Measuring Absorbance in Streptococcus

Streptococcus DNA Extraction

Streptococcus Competence Induction

Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Cleavage

Mass Spectrometery

Plate Reader Assay and Growth Curve

Measuring Competence : Fixation and Flow Cytometry

Arabidopsis thaliana protocols

Creating Sterile Agar Plates

Sterile Seeding Protocol

Germination Protocol for ''Arabidopsis thaliana'' Seeds in Non-Sterile Experiments

Growth Stage Phenotype Definitions

Growth Conditions for ''Arabidopsis thaliana''

Measuring Light with HOBO Data Loggers

Inoculation of ''Arabidopsis thaliana'' with Microbes

Removal and DNA Extraction of Phyllosphere Microbes


Measuring ''A. thaliana'' Phenotype using FIJI by Hand

DNeasy PowerSoil Protocol

Fiji Measurement

Making Boxes

Growing ''A. thaliana'' for Seed Harvest

Growing ''A. thaliana'' in Cut Pipet Tips

Cambridge protocols

Storage buffer

transformation of R5(2)-mCh-FL-BST and


lysis and immobilization

Bio320 Microbe Species Wikipedia Pages

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