Streptococcus mutans Growth

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Generic Tips

  • Strains can grow on Tryptic Soy Broth plates (TSB) or TSB + Blood plates. There is no hemolysis on blood plates.
  • Strains take 2 days to grow on plates from the freezer; please plan accordingly!
  • Shaking is not needed. Notice that these cells have a more granular appearance, as they form tight clusters of cells.
  • Overnight cultures in BHI begin to die off; please do not plan on using them for more than the next day, if at all.
  • Less death is evident in SMSDM (S. mutans Semi-defined Media); same for BHI plates; we notice few cells surviving after 48 hours.


For 500ml (100% vitamins) For 500ml (50% vitamins) For 3ml (50% vitamins)
Base 447.5ml 449ml 2.7ml
Solution I — C+Y vitamins 3ml 1.5ml 9ul
Solution IB 2ml 2ml 12ul
Solution II — Metals 5ml 5ml 15ul
Solution III — Unstables 2.5ml 2.5ml 15ul
10% Glucose 40ml 40ml 240ul

Base Medium

Base Media 1.11x concentration
Compound Amount Final Concentration
K2HPO4 5.61g 58mM
KH2PO4 1.13g 15mM
(NH4)2SO4 734mg 10mM
NaCl 1.14g 35mM
Casamino Acids 1.10g 0.2%
  • Fill to 450ml
  • pH to 7.4