Serial Dilutions of Phage

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1. Label 8, microcentrifuge tubes with 10^1, 10^2,10^3 all the way down to 10^8 (These will serve as our dilution tubes)

2. Add 900 uL of LB broth to each tube

3. Vortex the phage stock.

4. To the first tube (10^1), add 100 uL of phage stock and vortex

5. Change the pippette tip.

6. To the second tube (10^2), take 100 uL of tube 1, add it to the next dilution, and vortex the second tube

7. Repeat step 5 and 6 down to the 10^-8 tube

8 Double check your work by making sure tubes 1-7 have 900 uL of liquid in them, and the last should have 1 mL