Previous Lab Members

2019 — Austin Castellanos

Austin graduated in 2019 from Haverford College with a major in biology and a minor in health studies. He enrolled in Johns Hopkins University as a graduate student in Health Administration. He worked alongside Dr. Miller to further characterize how different quorum sensing signals in Streptococcus suis affect their competence.

2019 — Hope Ebert

Hope graduated in 2019 and is spending time working in a research laboratory before plans for graduate school. Her research focused on the interactions between plants and their leaf-surface bacteria in order to discover more about which bacteria positively and negatively affect plant growth.

2019 — Younghee Hahn

Younghee graduated in 2019 and is now working in the Maday Lab at Perelman School of Medicine. She hopes to attend medical school in Philadelphia to pursue a career in child psychiatry. In the MEE Lab, Younghee was working on a project centered around the “blp” operon within the two microbial species, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Streptococcus suis. The operon produces what are known as killing peptide “bacteriocins”, as well as immunity proteins that prevent the bacteria from simultaneously committing cell suicide.

2019 — Mercette Ohlwiler
Mercette began gradate school at the University of California Santa Barbra in David Valentine’s laboratory to study marine microbiology, specifically life at methane seeps in the ocean and the bioremediation of oil spills. Their project investigated antimicrobial peptides produced by S. pneumoniae to address questions of evolution in Streptococcus and ecology of the nasopharynx.