Joining the Lab

There is a possibility of accepting junior or sophomore students into the MEE lab. Please express an interest in the lab to me, either in person or via email. We will then discuss ways to become involved in the laboratory, first starting with attending our weekly lab meetings.

As we work in a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory, safety and training are quite important before starting any work in the laboratory. I train students to work in a BSL-2 laboratory only at the start of semesters, but please contact Eric before the semester in which, ideally, you would like to work. 

After training, you would then shadow Eric or other students with their work before starting your own research. While we then can talk about developing your own project, our current projects involve:

A) Culturing microbes from leaf surfaces to identify and describe the diversity of bacteria and archaea found on this phyllosphere.

B) Evolving communities of bacteria on Arabidopsis thaliana plants over several generations. 

C) Experimentally evolving bacteria in different environments as part of a long-term evolution project (such as this one).

D) Measuring mutation rates across strains of Streptococcus to best predict the genome characteristics that lead to pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance.

Only a demonstrated interest in these fields is required — this could be your first experience working in these areas.