Joining the Lab

Fall Semester, 2018:

I am unable to take onboard any additional laboratory members at this time, as I am setting up the laboratory. If you are interested in joining the laboratory later, one option is to contact me about attending my weekly laboratory meetings throughout the semester.


Spring Semester, 2019:

There is a possibility of accepting junior or sophomore students. Please contact me during the Fall Semester and describe which project you would like to work on. I am especially looking for:

A) students interested in designing and using molecular markers to identify nematode and tick species to investigate infectious diseases affecting Malawian wildlife and livestock.

B) students interested in fundamental microbiology work to identify and describe brand new bacteria and archaea species.

C) students interested in a combination of biology, bioinformatics, or computer science for computational biology projects.

Only a demonstrated interest in these fields is required — this could be your first experience working in these areas.