Current Lab Members

Christina McBride

Christina is a senior chemistry major and biochemistry concentrator. As her Beckman Scholar research, she uses bioinformatic and biochemical techniques to identify and isolate promising bioactive proteins (including pneumococcal bacteriocins) as a member of both the Charkoudian Lab and the Microbial Evolution and Ecology Lab. Outside of research, she is a peer tutor for a variety of STEM classes, performs with the Greasepaint Productions theatre troupe, and takes tap classes at Bryn Mawr! Post-Haverford, she hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry or a related field.
Diego Capcha

Diego is a senior biology major and chemistry/sociology minor. In the MEE lab, he works on S. pneumoniae and its bacteriocin system. Specifically, he is trying to elucidate the function of the bacteriocin BlpK through molecular biology and evolutionary biology techniques. If this research is a success, he aims to investigate other bacteriocins of S. pneumoniae. Outside of lab, he likes to read, play Smash Bros., and watch soccer.
Kimberly Palacios

More info coming soon!
Maisie Smith

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