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  • If either of the Milliq water tanks by the sink are below 1/3 full, fill them up with the Milliq water machine in the Fairman lab. Use the black cart (either in the lab or across the hall, in the equipment room with the large -80 freezers) to transport the tanks. You will need Eric, Jess, or someone currently in the Fairman lab to let you in; therefore, this is really a 'business hours only' task.
    • Caution: one of the tanks by the sink is instead 70% ethanol; do not fill with water!
  • Fill any near-empty spray bottles with 70% ethanol from the carboy with no spigot near the sink. There's a collapsable, red funnel that will help with this; it lives in the "Millions of Funnels" drawer. You will need to unscrew the top, large, blue lid of the carboy to fill the spray bottles. If we are running out of ethanol, consult with Jess or Eric about making more.