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  • Clean up any Virkon containers that are older than overnight, using the protocol below.
  • If a flask of Virkon is not yellow (for example, if it is clear), add 1 spoon of Virkon and wait at least 1 hour (or overnight) before cleaning.
  • Ensure that the strainer is over the sink drain so that no pipets accidentally go down the drain.
  • Remove green inoculating loops and cotton swabs; put into medical waste.
  • Strain the Virkon contents through the pasta strainer.
  • Pick through this and remove test tubes. Test tubes with any residue go into 'contaminated glassware', which is a small red square container on the floor to the right of the small hood. Test tubes without any residue can be placed in the 'normal' broken glass container.
  • Wash the Virkon beaker and place in the sink.
  • Put all green test tube caps into this beaker.
  • Put contents of the strainer into medical waste.
  • Rinse the green test tube caps in the beaker a whole lot -- we want to remove 100% of the Virkon from them. Use a huge amount of waster from the tap. Drain water from the beaker; shake test tube caps in the beaker to remove excess water. Place test tube caps in drying rack.
  • Rinse the strainer and hang up. Put the beaker on the drying rack.