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  • Refill empty non-filter tip boxes by hand, using clean gloves. Throw away (in biohazard container) any tips that touch the bench top or floor. Non-filter tips are found in the drawers of the two rolling cabinets by the refrigerator, on the right side of the two hoods. Transfer tips from the large pipette tip bags into the boxes using gloved hands.
  • Leave the first row of tips empty for the P-1000 and P-200 boxes to allow the front of the lid to close easily.
  • Remove the old piece of autoclave tape and replace it with a new piece of tape that has the lab initials written on it (MEE). Place in the to-be-autoclaved area.

  • Prepare empty filter tip boxes by removing the insert, removing old autoclave tape, applying a new piece of autoclave tape that has the lab initials written on it (MEE), and putting the boxes in the autoclave area.
  • Fill autoclaved filter tip boxes with sterile inserts when they are returned by Nicole. Sterile inserts are beneath the autoclave counter. Working in the hood and with gloves on, remove plastic packaging from the sterile insert and place carefully into a sterile filter tip box.
  • Put away sterilized tip boxes in the cabinet beneath the Branson water sonication bath. They do not need any autoclaving after adding the tip inserts into the boxes.

  • Refill empty microcentrifuge tube boxes with 1.5 ml and 600 µl microcentrifuge tubes, which are in the rolling cabinets near the refrigerator on the right side of the two hoods. No need to fill the boxes with an exact number, just add tips (using gloved hands) until the boxes are full.
  • Remove old autoclave tape and replace with a new piece that has the lab initials written on it. Place boxes in the autoclave area. After they are autoclaved, move boxes to the second drawer beneath the microscope.