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16 December 2022

6 September 2022

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15 August 2022

  • curprev 08:5408:54, 15 August 2022PreDec2022>EricMiller 3,102 bytes +3,102 Created page with " == Reagents Needed== * pSD05 plasmid (P-80 in our freezer) == Designing gRNA Cut Site== # Use Benchling CRISPR guide along with the specific genome that you want to change. Find the gene what we want to disrupt, and have the CRISPR guide xxxxx # Design 8 primers: ## Two primers that, when put together, will create the proper gRNA guide RNA. There's not PCR needed for this; it is instead annealing the two primers together. Primers should be in the form XXXXXX and XXXX..."