Preparing the Soft Agar

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The soft agar should be prepared first, likely at least an hour before you pour

1. Make sure the water bath has enough water and is warming to 42C

2. You will use about 4 mL of soft agar per plate, calculate total volume of agar needed accordingly

     i. Always prep at least one extra plate

3. Loosen the cap of the soft agar bottle and microwave the bottle of agar until it is fully liquid:

     i. Check for bubbling about every 15 seconds
     ii. You will know when it is fully melted because:
        - There will be no more “cloudiness” or bits
        - Shaking or swirling will cause bubbles to rise directly to the top (not being blocked by solid material)

4. After microwaving, place bottle into the preheated water bath

5. After preparing agar, prepare count out enough 13 ml tubes for your plates, and place in the heating block inside the virus hood