Preparing Plasmid Sequencing (plasmidsaurus)

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Plasmid Sample Preparation

Send sample information to Eric:

  • Number of plasmid samples
  • Plasmid sample names
  • What order they will be submitted in

Have Eric print out an order information sheet for the plasmids to be sequenced. This will include the order label.

Prepare enough PCR strip tubes (there are 8 tubes/strip) for the number of samples you plan to submit.

For each sample:

  • Normalize plasmid DNA to 30 ng/µl using molecular grade water
  • Load at least 10 µl into PCR strip tubes in the correct order


  • Write the order label on the first tube of each strip & the strip number on the second tube of each strip
    • DO NOT write sample names or anything else on the tubes
  • Wrap a light layer of parafilm around the strip tubes, to keep them from opening
  • Encase strip tubes in something hard, such as a 50 ml Falcon tube, to protect the samples during shipping


Have Eric print out a shipping label with the following address:


1850 Millrace Dr. Suite 200

Eugene, OR 97403

The shipping label gets cut out and taped on all 4 sides to the UPS envelope.

Inside the package, include:

  • Plasmid samples
  • Order information sheet

Take a picture of the label for package tracking purposes.

Put the package in the UPS mailbox by the first Blue Bus stop (behind the Dining Center). The mail is collected daily at 5:15pm; keep samples in the lab refrigerator or -20 freezer if they are ready after this time.

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