PCR-based Methods

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qPCR machine, portable:

Note: Seems quite expensive, as it is for biosecurity. The company initially replied to emails, but no final price.

Open Source PCR and Chai Open qPCR

Helpful reviews:

Open Source PCR ($499)

It looks like the people who created the open source PCR did not have the production capabilities, and so they paired up / created Chai Bio. Therefore, the open source PCR machine is no longer available to purchase. However, it led to a Kickstarter campaign for the open source qPCR machine. Chai bio sells this Open qPCR for Single channel $4,299 and Dual channel $5,999.

But, the software is open source, and the 3D CAD model is online at:


~$300 qPCR machine with CAD plans:


Mini PCR and Gel Electrophoresis (in-field)

BIOMEME Portable Smartphone ready qPCR - ($9,950 for 3)

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP):

qPCR machines:

  • $300 PCR machine from Dr Brian Kim's group in South Flordia: Unclear if possible to change PCR temperatures. Requires a large amount of reagents (20ul) and 20ul mineral oil instead of a heated lid. Only 1 sample at a time. Matlab might be required to initialize results.
  • open PCR machine was bought by Chai; it is no longer commercially made [1]. This website does have the maker instructions for it.
  • Chai makes an open qPCR machine [2]. $4,300 for one channel, $6,000 for dual channel. open source code open source construction
  • Biomeme has a pre-shipment travel qPCR machine with 3 channels. $9,950. [3]

LAMP detection

  • Genie III Instrument Portable, robust LAMP with temperature control and dual channel fluorescence. Bluetooth and WiFi. Battery powered. 8 tube strips. $18,000