Notes and Troubleshooting

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Notes and Troubleshooting: ● If the plaques (lawn clearings) are not visible:

  ○	Potentially adjust amount of phage added
  ○	Ask for help and consider substituting soft agar for an even lower concentration

● Titer- The concentration of infective phages within a stock

  ○	Titer is calculated in PFU/mL
  ○	PFU- Plaque Forming Units/ mL

● Remember that for a viral plaque assays, we are looking for “clear spots”, not colonies

● Overnight incubation of E.coli cells in a flask is recommended for optimal results

● This protocol makes use of LB plates, make sure you calculate how many you need before starting

● Conduct all cell work under sterile conditions

● Conduct all phage work under the designated hood with designated instruments