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General microbiology protocols

Media Recipes

Reagent Recipes

Working with Antibiotics

Freezing -80 Stocks

Freezing Aliquots

Competition Assays

Generic PCR

Running DNA Gels

Cloning and gene manipulation

Commonly Used Plasmids

Plasmid Purification

Digest and Ligation

Creating Competent E. coli Cells


Gibson Assembly

Phyllosphere protocols

Creating Sterile Agar Plates

Sterilization and Germination Protocol for ''Arabidopsis thaliana'' Seeds in Gnotobiotic Experiments

Germination Protocol for ''Arabidopsis thaliana'' Seeds in Non-Sterile Experiments

Growth Stage Phenotype Definitions

Growth Conditions for ''Arabidopsis thaliana''

Measuring Light with HOBO Data Loggers

Inoculation of ''Arabidopsis thaliana'' with Microbes

Removal and DNA Extraction of Phyllosphere Microbes


Measuring ''A. thaliana'' Phenotype using FIJI

Streptococcus pneumoniae protocols

Dual Layer Assays

Streptococcus DNA Extraction

Streptococcus Growth Curve Protocol

Streptococcus suis protocols

Streptococcus suis Transformation

Measuring Absorbance in Streptococcus

Streptococcus DNA Extraction

Streptococcus Competence Induction

Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Cleavage

Mass Spectrometery

Plate Reader Assay and Growth Curve

Measuring Competence : Fixation and Flow Cytometry

Remote Molecular Biology

Effect of Laboratory Protocols on Student Learning

Cambridge protocols

Storage buffer

transformation of R5(2)-mCh-FL-BST and


lysis and immobilization

Getting started with MediaWiki

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